5 types of Eco Bags to Promote Your Business


Do you care about our Earth? Then it is time you show that to the world and can also promote your business along. Now you have a doubt how to do it or is it even possible? The answer is YES and we will break it down to you How?

First and the important thing to do is Banned plastic and plastic products and start using Eco-Friendly products you can start with Eco bags like Jute, Cotton, Canvas, Non-Woven bags. Now you may think about how that helps your business You can promote your business by Buying Promotional Bags with your company Logo. There are different types of bags that you can use for your business promotions

³  Wine bags: It may name as wine but you can gift it for different purposes like you can gift your customer with a nice wine for Christmas or as a bottle holder for your employees to spread your brand name and make your business popular among the area.

³  Grocery Bags: Move from Plastics bags to Eco bags for your retail shops and ask your customers to move from plastic and make banners and posters saying the importance of Eco bags and these bags are strong than plastic can carry a lot of groceries without damaging goods and these made of jute or cotton so they can carry heavy products and also doesn’t damage bag

³  Library Bags: Best bags to carry your books and also promote your business collaborating with good library and hand out these bags this reduce plastic bags and also spread awareness of Reusable bags and promote your business

³  Drawstring bags: Simple backpack for carrying our necessities made of cotton or Jute. If you have a small business providing services to people you can give small pouches with a card and small gift with your logo and hand these to your customer. Trust us this helps a lot and also gives good publicity to the business people start to turn to you more for your services.

³  Shopping Bags: Most used bags by all because everyone goes to shopping all the time and they buy different products and take a plastic bag for every single shop they buy this produce a large number of plastic bags so start giving shopping bags with your logo which can be used for all types of shopping so people start using these bags and moves from plastic.

For different types of business we have different types of bags like for office and staff you can gift wine bags. If you have a grocery o shop or a retail shop you can hand out Grocery bags to your customers. If you have a book Store Library bags and drawstring backpack are the best choice for our business branding and promotions. If you have a small service-based business you can use small drawstring pouches with your card and a small gift to attract customer. If you have clothes shops or shoes or boutique or cosmetics shops go with shopping bags made of jute or cotton so that they can carry all items.

You can also, provide these bags with your company logo to your employees for special occasions or festivals with a small gift or a wine bottle. You can also sponsor some or functions and hand out these bags as gifts to participants and winners. These are some best ways to make a change in the environment by using reusable bags and get promotion to your business by branding getting recognized by people.

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